Luciana Percovich

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Luciana Percovich


Born in Gorizia (Italy, 1947), Ph.D. in Foreign Literatures and Languages (Università degli Studi di Milano, 1972).

She has lived and worked in Milano for 40 years as a teacher, a translator and an author, joining the Women’s Movement since its beginnings and participating in many pioneering projects (women’s health centers, bookshops, publishing houses, etc.). Now she lives in the country in a small farm growing organic food.

An indipendent researcher, she is part of the Libera Università delle Donne di Milano (, director of the series of books on women’s history and spirituality (Le Civette Saggi-Venexia, and essayist on women’s health, science, anthropology, mythology and spirituality.

In 1990 she was awarded Città di Monselice Award for the translation into Italian of Memoirs of a Space Woman by Naomi Mitchison. She has been working for introducing and translating the books by Mary Daly, Marija Gimbutas, Starhawk, Vicki Noble, Tsultrim Allione, Genevieve Vaughan, Phyllis Curott, Kathy Jones and many others.

With Morena Luciani, she is part of Laima, the association that has organized Indigenous Cultures of Peace conferences in Torino (2012, 2013, 2015) and in 2014, in Rome, the International Conference to commemorate Marija Gimbutas 20 years after her death. She conducts circles on the Archetypes of the Goddesses, working with bodily postures and meditations in movement. She is also the beginner of the Crone Circles in Italy, a project for women over 50 to reclaim the Wise Woman of the matriarchal traditions.

Luciana Percovich


A long essay (Posizioni amorali e relazioni etiche, Le Melusine, 1993) has been translated in Silvia Tubert (ed.), Figuras de la madre, Ediciones Catedra, Madrid, 1996. Some English essays have been published in Trivia. Voices of feminism 9, 2009; Nemeton. High Green Tech Magazine 1, 2010; She is everywhere volume 3, 2912; She Rises volume 1, 2015.

Books: La coscienza nel corpo. Donne, salute e medicina negli anni Settanta, Franco Angeli, Milano, 2005; Oscure Madri Splendenti. Le origini del sacro e delle religioni, Venexia, Roma, 2007; Colei che dà la vita. Colei che dà la forma. Miti di creazione femminili, Venexia, Roma, 2009. Verso il Luogo delle Origini, Un percorso di ricerca del sé femminile, Castelvecchi, Roma, 2016.

Editor: Donne del Nord/Donne del Sud. Verso una politica della relazione tra diversità, solidarietà e conflitto, Franco Angeli, 1994; Theodor G. H. Strehlow, I sentieri dei sogni. La religione degli aborigeni dell’Australia Centrale, Mimesis, 1997.